Our Dear Adrienne

It has absolutely been a month of the UNTHINKABLES. And when I say that, I truly mean it. In our tight group of amazing friends, there has been some very hard things.

Besides the very personal stuff Matt and I have walked through (more on that later), our dear friend Adrienne was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 8th.

She is one of my best friends, was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and is 32. Like I said, UNTHINKABLE.

As we walk alongside her (surgery is this Wednesday), her husband, Jeremy, has started a blog where they can update the progress and share their story.


I whipped up a logo and was honored to do so. Read her blog, and please pray for them! They are faithful followers of Jesus, the most thoughtful friends, and this will, no doubt, be a success story of God's glory!!

Fall Styled Shoot

I was invited to a styled shoot by Tori from ShutterChic Photography! Stay tuned for more details from it! It will be happening and I couldn't be more excited!

Our board from Pinterest was our inspiration! Images above are from our board.

Fall is my favorite season, and so naturally, I had a blast branding a wedding with this theme! Check out more about this here!

My Grandparents

As hard as it may be, this weekend, we are moving both of my grandparents into the nursing home. My grandma, Marjory has been there for awhile, and we are moving Jack there in a few days.

It's one of those things that are tough. Cleaning out their house will be a milestone that we are not necessarily looking forward to. Matt and I will be there (with my sisters and their families) in support of my mom. It's tough, but necessary.

I will CHERISH these photos that were taken at Matt and I's wedding. So incredibly precious to have! Photos by Heather Lilly Photography.

I am looking forward to spending time with both of them! We love them so much!

Weekend Wonderings

My hot husband, Matt, went on a motorcycle trip with his dad this weekend. He was gone from a Saturday to a Monday.

I hadn't planned much for the weekend, and intentionally so...to REST.

I learned some things (even at 30, learning a TON about myself)

1. I think I'm an introvert, actually. I'm serious. I was really recharged by being alone, just cleaning and being productive. I know, I thought I was going to REST...

2. I love to clean. More than that, I love organizing, decluttering, and digging beneath the surface. Those places that most people might want to close the door on, I want to CLEAN it out! I did a lot of that this weekend!

3. I have a hard time resting. This goes without saying. I feel guilty and my mind races with all I could be doing. I am energized by checking things off lists. Now I'm exhausted and a little sick. No fun.

4. It's good and healthy for Matt and I to do what we love, separately. Not always, of course, but this weekend was a reminder that we MAY have things that we love doing, and it's great to do them apart every now and then.

5. I SUPER love my husband. I missed him a lot, and this I knew, but I was reminded that sleeping alone in our big bed is NOT fun. I'm glad he's home and we can hug and kiss again!

A few more: A puppy gets up early. I forget to eat when I'm by myself. I did try to sit down and force myself to read (about productivity), so it propelled me to get up and clean. I cleaned Matt's car as a gift to him and found $45 dollars in change! I made a series of five lists for the weekend. I didn't feel guilty this weekend about not making plans, or just purely going with the flow. I loved it!

Hubby On A Trip

My husband, Matt, takes a trip with his dad each year. They set out on their motorcycles and drive for hours together on the open road! I totally love that they both have a love for this and take the time to go together!

This time, it's just for a long weekend, but I still miss him! So, each trip he takes, I like to give him something for each day that he's gone. A little note, if you will.

This trip is no different, so I wrote out some verses from Jesus Calling, and a heartfelt note on these cards from a dear friend. I labeled the day he should open them, and hid them on his motorcycle!


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I grew up loving to draw, create collages, and take pictures. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor's in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I have been working at a Christian publishing company as an Art Director since the summer of graduation.


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Ooh, fall...

SUCH a favorite time. Right by our house are these amazing, changing colors. And also, by our house is a conveniently located Starbucks, which for me, reminds me of this season when a warm americano (with salted caramel mocha deliciousness) is so perfect.

Watermelon Lemonade {With a Twist}

Have you ever heard of Rockstar Diaries? If you haven't, check her out! An adorable family with impeccable style and her blog is a blast to read.

So, watermelon lemonade... I hadn't ever thought to make something like this until I read her post about it.

Our friends, Sherri & Walt gave us a half of watermelon and I was thinking, "Wow, thank you!" But wondering, what are we going to do with this? The obvious answer is "eat it." But Matt doesn't really like watermelon and I definitely have to be in the mood.

Anyways...I remembered the great (and adorable) post I read about making lemonade out of it...brilliant!

AND, Matt and I had a little shooter of Citron Vodka that we thought we would purchase while we were in San Francisco. We didn't ever drink it, and so it was lined up with our other wine bottles and such. Saturday night. A watermelon lemonade cocktail. Delicious!

Button Bracelet DIY

I wanted to create something cute and unique for Val, my twin sis!

I saw a photo on Pinterest of a button bracelet that I really wanted to try.

See my button art that I posted yesterday that came out of the project!

Here are the bracelets! What do you think? Should I make more and put them in my Etsy shop?

I Love Buttons...

I picked some buttons up at the store with a little DIY in mind. (Posting the project tomorrow). As I was picking out color combinations, I realized how much I loved them.

NOW...I'm thinking I might print and frame for a little set. OR, I might create letters out of all the colors, photograph them and print them...the possibilities are endless!

What do you think? (THESE are the things that keep me up at night!)