Emily is TWO!

Our precious baby girl is TWO! I truly can't believe it. It's amazing to see her personality blossom! She is funny, daring, assertive, and sweet. We just adore her!

Emily's 2nd Birthday Party
For her party, we went to Anderson Farms: a super-fun pumpkin patch! It's a true favorite in this area, and the amount of people proved that! Wow! We took part in the activities with her cousins and some sweet friends!

Back to reality with a fresh two-year-old: Em actually had a full-on breakdown because we were only able to get her an hour nap beforehand. She didn't want to do anything and she only wanted Grandma to hold her. She had moments of enjoyment, but we ended up having to go for a "walk" so she would calm down. It is in these moments that we have to remember that things don't always go as planned. We expect their best at the times that make sense to us. (I mean, I kept thinking, "Em, this is your party!") But it just doesn't happen that way. We ended up taking off her new Carhartts overalls (it was hot) and she walked around in a onesie (whaattt?) because it kept her happier and cooler. Oh, the times when you smile and appreciate the things that really matter.

After that, we came back to our house to have a pink-pumpkin inspired party! Em was able to take a little nap on the way home and she as a different girl for the second part of her par-tay! We ate pumpkin cupcakes, drank punch, and she opened gifts! It was such a great time with family. We ushered everyone outside for Em to "open" her little Minnie 4-wheeler (which she absolutely loved), and as we played outside until dusk, it turned into a pizza party and bonfire. It was a PERFECT day and party! I am so thankful for everyone who helped us celebrate! Papa K even drove out from Sioux City!! Wow! We are so, so grateful!

Em's Pink-Pumpkin Party!

Emily is growing up so fast...
She is learning so much. She rides her bike (and her new 4-wheeler). She climbs almost everything she can and likes to sit at her table in the kitchen, and push her stroller around with her baby while taking her out to feed her. She LOVES to jump off of things, do somersaults, run a lot, and will be outside anytime she can. She is a sweetheart who loves giving kisses and hugs. Lately too, she has been a little more challenging at moments. She knows what she wants and it is challenging to distract her sometimes. She is obsessed with electronics (and we've really tried to keep them away from her) but she loves taking "pictchooos" and then wants to see them right away. She is an incredible joy to us. We love her more than words can describe. We are also in a season of parenting where we have been challenged the most as well. It's a wonderfully sharpening time for Matt and I, ha!

Emily as a big sis...
She is an incredible big sister. She loves Ava so fully. She plays with her, makes her laugh, tries to feed her, gives her toys when she gets fussy, and in the sweetest moments, decides that Ava needs a hug and a kiss. In the mornings, she wants Ava to wake up if the hasn't yet. She calls her "Av" (prounouced Ahhhv).

We love you, Emily Grace!! Happy Birthday to our baby girl!!