Happy Mother's Day

On my first mother’s day with our sweet Emily, the most overwhelming feeling is one of thankfulness for the true gift our baby girl is. I am so amazed at what it has been like to be her mommy. I also want to acknowledge the courageous women who are yet to be mothers, and long to be with their whole hearts. And the courageous women who carried their babies in their womb, but who weren’t able to know them on earth. The mothers who have lost their daughter, and daughters who have lost their mothers. Each form of loss is painful, and I pray that in each situation, Jesus would meet you right where you are in the journey to and through motherhood.

I am amazed at motherhood, and the way it has shaped the very woman that I am.

For me, motherhood is…

…the way of giving life through and with our bodies. It’s worth every change our bodies encounter as we grow a life inside. It’s a humbling process, but one that you forget about when you look at the life God created in you. The pre-pregnancy body might take awhile. It’s OK. Really…it’s OK.

…the way you love your baby like you never imagined. It’s true when people say “I just didn’t know I could love so instantly.” And it’s true. When you grow life, give life, and see your baby…it’s a deep love that you feel with every cell of your being.

…the way you get out of bed in the middle of the night, and at first you’re tired…but the minute you see them, it’s all worth it. They are completely worth the sleepless nights. They need to be provided for, and it’s an honor to be there for them…no matter the hour. In a weird way, the sleepiness is oddly sweet.

...the way that in each new situation, you learn what it takes to be a mommy. The only true way is to learn by doing. But things like coffee dates, eating out, getting groceries, and cleaning the house...they all seem like true accomplishments when you have a baby. Balancing, timing, and planning is an art form.

…the ache you feel when you are away from your baby. Because they depend on you in so many ways, you’ve grown to love their dependency. You’ve grown to love the connection, and when you leave them…part of your heart stays as you go. It sounds crazy, but it’s such a real feeling.

…the joy your baby brings. Her eyes, her skin, her mouth, her ears, her voice….everything about her is precious. And when I think about how God created her with my husband and I, it is a true miracle.

…the way your entire life changes. At first, it may seem challenging to sacrifice certain things, but it is truly our God-given response to care for them at the cost of something else. Everything is now filtered through this new gift and responsibility. It’s incredible how it happens.

…the way we must learn to honor our spouses in new ways, even though our new baby demands a lot of time and energy. Our marriage is the most important relationship under our relationship with Jesus, and we must work to keep it alive and strong.

….the days we feel like it’s too much. It’s amazing and incredible, but there are still days of tears and struggles that can make us feel like we can’t keep up. Trust me, it’s real. I’ve learned to communicate what I need and ask for help on these days or weeks.

….it’s amazing to think of the love God has for each of His children. We love our baby girl more than we can ever describe or explain. He loves us more. He loves Emily more. The mere thought of it brings tears to my eyes. God’s love is unconditional, unending, and vast. How amazing…

Happy Mother’s Day!