New Mommy Things

Our sweet Emily is 16 days old and I have absolutely LOVED being her mommy!! There are sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and all the things that come with it...but it's all worth it. I truly find it a joy to be a mother. It's a dream come true!

I have many friends that are expecting little bundles right now! I think at one time, I knew 15 gals who had due dates between October and January! Wow!!

I've been writing stuff down that I've wanted to share for new mommies. You know, just little things I've learned or experienced that might help others.

Remember to eat.
It sounds odd, but there have been numerous days where I start to feel icky, shaky, and fatigued and realize, "dang, I haven't eaten!" With all the new responsibilities and the schedule that has you up at super odd hours, it's probably likely this happens to most new moms. The thing is, it is obviously super important to nourish our bodies well because our baby is "eating" what we're eating (and drinking). I remember being SO thirsty the first few days because all of my hydration was going to my milk! Duh...but it took me a minute to realize. So eat! And drink!

Throw the schedule out the window.
At least for the first couple weeks. I've done LOTS of reading about newborns and feeding schedules. We've heard great things about Baby Wise as well. BUT up until now, we stick with feed-on-demand. Each time I try to predict how the day might go, she switches it up! So, flexibility is key. Whenever I make plans now, I ask if it can be flexible. I admire parents who are punctual in all new ways!

Looking hip is so overrated but showering isn't.
It was sweet and acceptable to have a pregnant belly WHEN you're pregnant, but after the baby is born we have this expectation (even though people try to tell you different) that our stretched tummies will somehow go back to normal within a day. It's not likely. Post-pregnancy body is comical and trying to look cute is even more comical. However, a shower feels great and a little fresh makeup also helped me to feel human.

I seriously don't know what to wear.
I'm still figuring that one out. Pregnancy clothes were appropriate being a little snug because they showed off the belly with a baby in it, but I don't want to be showing off this belly so some closet-hunting is in order. When I want to try to enter the world again (at least a trip to Starbucks), I'm going to need to wear something besides pajama pants...

I do love the nursing tanks I got from Target.
These are great! They're comfortable, pretty cute, and super functional. The brand is Gilligan and O'Malley (19.99). I usually throw a soft cardigan over the top if people are coming over. Again, this post-pregnancy body is comical...

Dry Shampoo is so cool.
Dove brand is super effective and smells delicious. For when washing and drying your hair is just a little too much effort, it's been great for me. I put it in a bun for my shower and just unwrap it, spray the powdery goodness on it and put it back in a low bun. For me, this is working wonders.

Motherlove Nipple Cream is crucial.
Totally crucial. This stuff is a must-have for a new mommy. Breastfeeding is incredible. I remember on day three when I had a really emotional night (I partially blame hormones, of course) because I couldn't adequately feed my jaundiced baby (my milk wasn't in). I cried to Matt, "Emily and I need each other. She needs to eat and as her mommy, I NEED to feed her." It's an honor to be able to provide for her, and the motherly instinct for me has been SO strong and truly amazing!

Once we got over the hump of jaundice and breast milk, we've began to figure out this whole breastfeeding thing. And I have to say after using three types of lanolin and nipple cream options, Mother Love is definitely my absolute fave. If you're about to have a baby, stock up! My sweet mother-in-law went and bought the rest of what Clothes Pony had. I've been so grateful! I put one in my bedroom, one in her nursery, and one in our living room.

I love the Baby Care app!
This app is super great for keeping track of feeding and diapers! I cannot ever remember when, for how long, what side, etc. It's been a great way to keep the exact details we need.