It's Becoming So Real

I know we still have four weeks until our due date with sweet Emily, but I am flooded with emotion about what that means! It is getting so close, and really...after next week, "they" say that she can come whenever.

It's funny that people predict when she will come and to be honest, I have no idea. I think I am protecting myself a little because I will be just fine if she waits until her due date. But regardless, it is so incredibly exciting, crazy, amazing, and phenomenal that we get to meet our baby soon!!

I cry tears of anticipation and have dreamed of this day forever. There are a lot of things I didn't picture as a young girl. I didn't picture getting engaged, planning a wedding, my wedding dress, or even my wedding day. (Though I dreamed of being married!).

But I have pictured being pregnant and having a baby. I have envisioned, dreamed of, thought about, and waited for this day for as long as I can remember. Crazy, huh?

I dream of that moment when we first get to see her face, and her precious little body. A body that God has knitted together inside me. I cannot even explain what that's like. God has brought Matt and I together to create a life that are equal parts of each of us. This is a complete miracle...a complete and amazing work of His hands that cannot be explained in proper words.

Photos by Tori with ShutterChic Photography

This journey has been one of joy, love, growth, some discomfort, and ultimately one that God has worked through.

I have seen qualities in Matt that I never imagined. Actually, I did. I saw them, but it has been such a gift to see and experience this with him. His love, care, intention, and excitement have been incredible. His desire to be a father, an example, and a leader for our family has melted my heart and created such gratefulness in ways I didn't imagine.

As we move forward to becoming parents to a little life, it can be overwhelming and scary as it's all new. Many people share advice and experiences, and ultimately, we will walk forward in God's grace as we raise our baby girl...having victories and failures along the way.

So, as we wait, and anticipate her arrival, we pray to our loving Father for His timing, His protection, and His will in her birth. I am realizing how real this is. The time is near and I couldn't be more happy and excited!

Stay tuned for a nursery update. We are nearly finished with it, and I can't wait to share all the pics!