Weekend Wonderings

My hot husband, Matt, went on a motorcycle trip with his dad this weekend. He was gone from a Saturday to a Monday.

I hadn't planned much for the weekend, and intentionally so...to REST.

I learned some things (even at 30, learning a TON about myself)

1. I think I'm an introvert, actually. I'm serious. I was really recharged by being alone, just cleaning and being productive. I know, I thought I was going to REST...

2. I love to clean. More than that, I love organizing, decluttering, and digging beneath the surface. Those places that most people might want to close the door on, I want to CLEAN it out! I did a lot of that this weekend!

3. I have a hard time resting. This goes without saying. I feel guilty and my mind races with all I could be doing. I am energized by checking things off lists. Now I'm exhausted and a little sick. No fun.

4. It's good and healthy for Matt and I to do what we love, separately. Not always, of course, but this weekend was a reminder that we MAY have things that we love doing, and it's great to do them apart every now and then.

5. I SUPER love my husband. I missed him a lot, and this I knew, but I was reminded that sleeping alone in our big bed is NOT fun. I'm glad he's home and we can hug and kiss again!

A few more: A puppy gets up early. I forget to eat when I'm by myself. I did try to sit down and force myself to read (about productivity), so it propelled me to get up and clean. I cleaned Matt's car as a gift to him and found $45 dollars in change! I made a series of five lists for the weekend. I didn't feel guilty this weekend about not making plans, or just purely going with the flow. I loved it!