Watermelon Lemonade {With a Twist}

Have you ever heard of Rockstar Diaries? If you haven't, check her out! An adorable family with impeccable style and her blog is a blast to read.

So, watermelon lemonade... I hadn't ever thought to make something like this until I read her post about it.

Our friends, Sherri & Walt gave us a half of watermelon and I was thinking, "Wow, thank you!" But wondering, what are we going to do with this? The obvious answer is "eat it." But Matt doesn't really like watermelon and I definitely have to be in the mood.

Anyways...I remembered the great (and adorable) post I read about making lemonade out of it...brilliant!

AND, Matt and I had a little shooter of Citron Vodka that we thought we would purchase while we were in San Francisco. We didn't ever drink it, and so it was lined up with our other wine bottles and such. Saturday night. A watermelon lemonade cocktail. Delicious!